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Allowing domains and networks of different security classification to communicate is an ever-growing problem for Governmental, Federal and Defence organisations. With these institutions facing unprecedented levels of advanced threats from cyber-attacks, Glasswall’s file and attachment security software provides a market leading Cross Domain Solution to file sharing between networks of different security classifications.

Glasswall’s cross domain security solution is a unique, and unmatched, deep file inspection, remediation, sanitisation and file regeneration technology that can be directly integrated as a component part into High Assurance Guards, Unidirectional Networks/Data Diodes and cross domain security (CDS) solutions as either a Windows API or Linux SDK, ensuring the security of your organisation, your data and your people.

How Does it Work?

Cross Domain Security Solutions


  • Linux SDK enables straightforward integration into Guard and Diode platforms
  • Eliminates document borne cyber-attacks through unrivalled advanced content disarm and reconstruction technology
  • Delivers absolute document security across highly complex governmental networks and domains of differing security classifications
  • Protection in real-time for guaranteed organisational security and continuity
  • Delivers safe files in their intended format, without relying on threat signatures or heuristics
  • Apply policy based on the risk posture at individual, departmental, enclave or organisational level
  • Supports resilient one way flow when integrated into a Data Diode Solution
  • Enhances Guard solutions with real-time sanitization of documents to ‘known good’ standard
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The Glasswall CDS Content Filter (CF) quickly processes documents, removing any malformed code, structural imperfections, malicious scripts, or embedded malware. A clean, compliant and validated document is regenerated, disarming any hidden threats while producing a sanitized file that is safe to use.


Apply policy based on the risk posture at individual, department, enclave or organisation level. Glasswall manages risk factors such as Macros, JavaScript, embedded links, images and embedded files. Control of files, and the ability to implement a standard file policy, is given back to the security administrator.


Glasswall not only stops document based attacks, it allows users to gain unique insight into those attacks. The Glasswall Threat Intelligence is totally unique reporting on how documents are being manipulated in order to target people in your organisation.