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by | Nov 8, 2021 | Company news

Ransomware has become one of the biggest threats to global cybersecurity. Across public and private sectors alike, businesses in every industry and even critical national infrastructure, have felt the impact of ransomware attacks. With over 300 million attacks in the first half of 2021, it is causing huge concern and costing companies billions.

Not only are incidents on the rise but the sophistication of how the bad actors develop ransomware is on the increase too. Glasswall is committed to protecting our customers from malicious actors by continually enhancing our product offerings to provide our customers with the best protection against file-based threats. Glasswall recently launched the Archive Support feature within our cloud Email Security solution which leverages our patented CDR (Content, Disarm and Reconstruction) technology to clean and rebuild multiple documents in an archive file to match their known good manufacturer’s standard. 

Archive Support adds value to our customers  by providing them with the reassurance and confidence to safely receive archive files. 

It works by:

  • Scanning email attachments and identifying archive file types (Zip, Tar, GZip, 7Zip, and Rar)
  • Inspecting them and processing the content using our CDR technology
  • Regenerating the new archive file according to its known good standards

If a file is deemed malicious or is suspected to be, it will be held, and the receiver will see a held file notification.   

The Archive Support feature processes up to 5 archive files. Archives within archives that exceed the nesting limit of 5 are held. Users will receive all nested archives within the limit, but those nested too deeply will be held. Sending an email with multiple archive file attachments has no limit on the number of attachments (apart from the total size of the email).

With this new feature, Glasswall customers now have an added level of reassurance that only safe email attachments are entering and exiting their organisation.

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