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Glasswall’s Email File Protection Platform integrates with your existing security architecture and manages the risk that inbound and outbound email attachments pose to your organisation. Users can freely open secure email attachments without the threat of malware, ransomware and zero day attacks, as their documents and files are standardised and compliant to specification.

How Does it Work?



Glasswall’s Platform is a email software security solution that can be installed on any windows based server, be it On-premise Machines, Private/Public Cloud or Virtual Environments. The security solution is flexible and can effortlessly fit into your email environment, providing the next necessary level of security to your organisation.

Threat Intelligence

Glasswall’s Threat Intelligence gives unique insight into cyberattacks that would have otherwise infiltrated your organisation. Weekly security reports detail when a zero day attack took place and show the inherent latency of AV detections. Giving information about the type of zero day attack plus the source and receiver – find out who in your organisation is being targeted.

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A free trial is simple and easy to achieve, using either your organisation’s existing infrastructure or Glasswall’s private Azure cloud. During a 30 day period your staff will be trained on our unique technology and platform, culminating in a risk assessment and threat intelligence report.

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