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Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email, the  award-winning email attachment security solution is a Managed Service or if self-hosted, integrates seamlessly with your existing architecture and existing security products and acts as the final line of defence against advanced weaponised email attachments, persistent threats and files without users ever knowing it’s there.

Glasswall’s unique, patented deep-file inspection, remediation and sanitisation technology (d-FIRSTTM) ensures that daily security risks organisations face from unknown malware are entirely neutralised. Users can freely open secure email attachments as standard-compliant files, safe in the knowledge that they face no threat of malware, Advanced Persistent Threats, ransomware or unknown exploits.

How Does it Work?



Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email is a Managed Service or can be installed on any windows-based server, be they on-premise machines, private/public cloud or virtual environments. Our file regeneration technology is easily installed, easy to manage, flexible and can effortlessly fit into your email environment, providing the most advanced level of document, file and email attachment security to your organisation.


Glasswall File TrustTM Threat Intelligence provides organisations with unique insights into emailed malware neutralised by Glasswall, malware which would have otherwise infiltrated and damaged your organisation and its data. Weekly security reports detail when an attack took place and highlights the inherent latency of all anti-virus detection products.

Glasswall File TrustTM Threat Intelligence reports also deliver detailed information about the types of emailed malware, ransomware or unknown attacks an organisation has encountered via email attachments, including the senders and receivers, giving great visibility on who in an organisation is being targeted via email.


  • Disarms all known or unknown malware from entering the organisation via emailed attachments
  • Frictionless user experience enables the business to function normally
  • Supports all major file types such as pdf, Microsoft Office files and images
  • Glasswall File Preview ensures visibility on all emailed files, further supporting business continuity
  • Requires no updates or signatures to achieve complete protection
  • Glasswall FileTrustTM Threat Intelligence provides ROI data on a weekly basis

Product Update

Updates to the email security platform now include support for DDE removal from Microsoft email attachments, support for Microsoft Office 2016 documents, and new File Preview feature amongst other key highlights. Gain unparalleled security with unmatched user experience.

Microsoft DDE Vulnerability

Glasswall’s Threat Intelligence Service saw a 350% increase in email attachment malware that leveraged this old Microsoft file feature in recent months. Download our DDE Vulnerability Whitepaper to stay informed on this serious cyber threat.



On a limited basis, Glasswall is offering companies a complimentary 30-day Risk Assessment to demonstrate where current detection technologies fail and to highlight areas of risk. The Risk Assessment includes trial of the award-winnding Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email security solution and includes key staff training and culminates in the presentation of a comprehensive Glasswall FileTrustTM Threat Intelligence report.

Hosted on Glasswall’s secure private Azure Cloud or installed into organisation’s existing security infrastructure, the Risk Assessment can be set up in less than 30 minutes with hour long training and check-in session scheduled every two weeks. 

Apply For A Complimentary Risk Assessment