EVENTS: Open Security Summit 2021: Where Developers and Application Security Professionals Meet

Apr 13, 2021 | Events

To join the sessions visit:

Focused on the collaboration between developers and application security experts, the Open Security Summit is now in its 6th year. This time round, the event is fully virtual, offering a familiar blend of high-energy insight, training and networking.

Glasswall experts are on-hand throughout the event and will be focusing on a variety of topics including:

  • Tuesday April 13th – Graph-Based Vulnerability Management
  • Tuesday April 13th – Creating 1 Million Kubernetes Pods
  • Thursday April 15th – The RATs and CATs of Risk
  • Friday April 16th – Graph-based Risk Policy


Our very own CTO/CISO, Dinis Cruz, will also be participating in a number of presentations and discussions, including a session dedicated on threat modelling and another focusing on the O2 platform, which represents a new paradigm for how to perform, document and distribute Web Application security tests and scripts.

To find out more, join the sessions and connect with a vibrant, engaging community, visit:

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