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Multi Award-Winning Zero Day Threat Protection Free For 30 Days

Your existing anti-virus software and security architecture is likely to protect you from identifiable threats, but the focus of advanced hackers has moved to zero day exploits, which your anti-virus solutions will miss, causing immeasurable harm to your organisation, your data and your organisation’s reputation.

Implement the Most Advanced Zero Day Protection Solution Available: 30 Day Free Trial

We are so confident that our solution is the most comprehensive, easy to use and advanced content disarm and reconstruction technology available in the market that we are offering a limited time free trial for qualifying organisations.

Glasswall’s zero day protection software can be easily implemented using your organisation’s existing security infrastructure or, alternatively, on Glasswall’s secure private Azure Cloud.

The trial delivers our complete suite of email attachment security solutions and also includes free training on our unique technology and protection platform for relevant employees and staff, culminating in a free risk assessment and threat intelligence report.

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