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Glasswall FileTrust SDK™ features an API solution with the ability to integrate our unique and award-winning d-FIRST™ file and document sanitisation and regeneration capability into existing business processes or software applications. Have complete confidence that all processed inbound or outbound file and documents are safe, compliant and malware-free, ensuring that businesses and data remain secure from the dangers of advanced persistent threats. Quickly protect emailed files and documents by making simple JSON POST requests to our API.

How Does it Work?



  • Gain flexible access to Glasswall’s unique d-FIRST™ document sanitisation and regeneration capability, an advanced document regeneration solution that outstrips any other email attachment security solution available on the cyber security market.
  • Removes all deviations from the document’s published file specification, as well as offering policy options to counter exploits of functional features (including Macros, JavaScript, Acroforms, etc.), regenerating a clean, standardised and compliant file from the published document.
  • The Security API exposes the core of our award-winning and innovative Glasswall FileTrust™ APT for Email security solution
  • Highly competitive pricing for the industry’s leading, most advanced file security solution


On a limited basis, Glasswall is offering companies a complimentary 30-day Risk Assessment to demonstrate where current detection technologies fail and to highlight areas of risk. The Risk Assessment includes trial of the award-winnding Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email security solution and includes key staff training and culminates in the presentation of a comprehensive Glasswall FileTrustTM Threat Intelligence report.

Hosted on Glasswall’s secure private Azure Cloud or installed into organisation’s existing security infrastructure, the Risk Assessment can be set up in less than 30 minutes with hour long training and check-in session scheduled every two weeks. 

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