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Absolute Protection and Document Compliance with Standards

Glasswall operates across three distinct phases: inspection; remediation; and delivering a secure, clean and compliant file to the user.

Glasswall’s unique inspection approach breaks down each file to its component parts and conducts thousands of structure conformance checks against the respective document manufacturer’s design or ISO standard. In doing so, Glasswall inspects and removes the structural inconsistencies and manipulations increasingly exploited by hackers.

This structural level inspection and remediation process is unique to Glasswall. Glasswall also checks the functional elements of documents that could be considered a risk factor, such as JavaScript, embedded URLs, embedded malformed images, active content, AcroForms and macros.

Glasswall then regenerates a new, compliant and clean version of the original file, allowing the user to interact with the file as they normally would: editing, saving and sharing the document with complete confidence that the document is safe.

The combination of these processes, delivered in real time, makes Glasswall a vital component of a well considered cyber defence strategy.

Work with safe documents

Work with Glasswall


zero day attacks

documents are the weapon of choice for cyber criminals

74% of cyber-attacks start with an email attachment, yet organisations do not know what is in their documents. Glasswall shifts an organisation from reactive to proactive defence.



zero day attack prevention

Glasswall eliminates malware attacks in email attachments

Glasswall is a unique software technology that regenerates a benign file from an original email attachment, and removes all malware and structural manipulations in real time.



File Integrity API

Deep-level inspection and regeneration to known good

The complete regeneration of a file, so that it is compliant with the design specification for that document type, ensures absolute protection from embedded malware and malicious code.