It’s Star Wars Day, And For Cybersecurity . . . ‘This is the way’

May 4, 2021 | Cartoons

Today – May the Fourth – is Star Wars Day, and among the many famous lines to come out of the franchise over the years, it’s one of the more recent that resonates the most with us. ‘This is the way’ is often heard in The Mandalorian as an expression of their ideals, and it has become a favourite catch phrase for many fans of the programme.

In the cybersecurity context, it’s an idea that helps explain our approach to protection and how many of today’s reactive technologies leave networks exposed and at risk. A huge problem for most organisations is that currently, almost 70% of malware embedded within files is of an unknown variant when it is received – effectively making it invisible to reactive cybersecurity technologies.

In particular, traditional antivirus and sandboxing security solutions are frequently unable to protect users from new malware and ransomware variants when they are initially released by cybercriminals. This reactive approach can mean organisations are operating with potentially serious blindspots in their security strategy for up to 30+ days.

Our way of delivering file-based security is a proactive approach. Glasswall Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match its known good manufacturers spec – automatically removing potential threats. This simple approach ensures every document entering your organization is safe, without sacrificing productivity or leaving potentially disastrous cybersecurity blindspots. For us, this is the way to proactively meet the challenges of today’s cybersecurity landscape. Happy Star Wars Day!

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