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A Complimentary Risk Assessment With Multi Award-Winning Protection From Advanced Persistent Threats

Protection from Advanced Persistent Threats is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. Organisations with even the most robust security products continue to suffer from malware intrusions with malicious documents posing the greatest threat. Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email provides unparalleled protection from the most sophisticated, damaging attacks – all in less than a second and with zero impact on business continuity. By partnering with Glasswall, industry-leading organisations across the world have taken the threat of email-borne viruses off the table and the users don’t even know its there.

“In the two years since I installed Glasswall, I have had zero malware by email. Only Glasswall customers can say that.” Stan Black, Chief Security and Information Officer, Citrix

On a limited basis, Glasswall is offering companies a complimentary 30-day Risk Assessment to demonstrate where current detection technologies fail and to highlight areas of risk. The Risk Assessment includes a trial of the award-winnding Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email attachment security solution and includes key staff training and culminates in the presentation of a comprehensive Glasswall FileTrustTM Threat Intelligence report.

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