Glasswall Web App

Give users the freedom to work with files risk-free across their devices. Simply drag and drop files from the outside world onto the Glasswall Web App and instantly remove potential threats – even the ones AV solutions haven’t detected yet.

Ensure users can work safely
with files of any origin

Enable users to work risk-free with any file received outside your organization

Instantly disarm threats in files from unknown sources (e.g. a customer’s USB drive)
Give users immediate feedback on identified risks in a file and how it was removed
Both original and rebuilt files are retained for audit purposes
Provide a seamless user experience – they won’t know Glasswall is there

Key features

  • Zero footprint access to Glasswall’s CDR Platform on any device
  • Simply drag and drop files from local hard disk, server share, media device or cloud folder onto Glasswall Web App to instantly disarm malicious files
  • Create safe, compliant files that are standardized to known good manufacturer’s specification
  • Remove sensitive metadata from files to ensure any PII or other sensitive information related to file’s source isn’t unintentionally leaked
  • Minimize zero-day malware to pass, even if endpoint detection fails to identify the threat
  • Accessible to all users, no expert knowledge required
  • Supports a wide range of web browsers across many platforms
  • Intuitive user-friendly UI
  • Controlled ingress of files with the ability to provide immediate feedback to the user on how the document was analyzed and secured

Use cases

File uploads or downloads from unknown source


Multi-device workers (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)
Malware risk removal


Zero Day threat defence

Internal upload of files between a trust boundary

How it works

The Glasswall Web App uses the patented Glasswall CDR Platform to inspect, clean and rebuild every file to its known good state in real-time–proactively protecting your organization against the most persistent and complex file-based threats.

Glasswall Web App

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