Glasswall Cloud-Native CDR Platform

Trust every file is safe, no matter how it moves through your organization. The Glasswall Cloud-Native CDR Platform automatically removes potential threats from every file, without sacrificing productivity.

Built on flexible and scalable infrastructure, using  Kubernetes so you can spin up CDR clusters to suit your needs. Security hardened and compliance-ready for total peace of mind, so you can be the security team that drives business forward, no matter what’s ahead.

Flexible, cloud-native
and infinitely scalable CDR platform

Malware protection without agents and heuristics

Remove zero-day threats from files

Maintain integrity of visual and data layers

Security at the speed of business: reduce dependency on sandboxing and detonation chambers

Massively scalable Kubernetes-based architecture to suit demand

Interoperable with other malware protection solutions

Key features

  • Cloud-native architecture providing infinite scale on demand
  • Deployable hubs across your organization to enable CDR workflows across multiple network segments
  • Open source-based connectors for easy on-premises and cloud integrations
  • Developer-centric web services with OpenAPI specification compliant design
  • Cloud-ready machine images and virtual machine
  • Out the box observability and metrics reporting
  • Typical sub-second parallel file processing
  • Available on-premises, across all clouds or via dockers

Use cases

Centralized file processing services

Bulk file imports

Platform migration to cloud

Documents and records migration


Internal bulk file scanning

How it works

The Glasswall CDR Platform instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match its known good manufacturer’s specification – stripping away anything that doesn’t conform. This proactive approach automatically removes malware and exploits from files.


the file’s digital DNA


risky content by policy


to known good standard


safe, visually identical file
CDR Platform

Glasswall CDR Platform

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CDR Platform

Use Case - Cloud Native Integrations


Cloud Native Integrations

A Question Of Mindset – Bringing Cybersecurity To The Boardroom

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Cloud Native Integrations

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