Glasswall SDK

Discover a programmatic way to use the Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) Platform. Our SDK integration enables you to determine how analysis and threat removal integrates into your business workflow using Rest-based APIs.

Flexible, cloud-native
and infinitely scalable CDR platform

Regenerate every file to its known good manufacturer’s standard, ensuring only safe, clean files are handled by other services or users

Seamless integration with all major platforms using standard industry programming languages
Keep business moving by processing files and documents in milliseconds

Files are identical to originals, with policy-driven actions to remove potentially harmful active content

Key features

  • Cloud-native, Kubernetes-based architecture that provides a Restful API and delivers a highly scalable analysis capability to flex with the demands made by the requesting service
  • Sample API code provided to interact with OpenAPI 3 compliant web service endpoints, including Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Golang and PHP
  • Support for the most widely used file types, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and media image files
  • Stateless interactions with the Glasswall CDR Platform to ensure that file sanitization requests are returned without delay or requiring complex process handling, all in line with the performance goals of the main application
  • Threat Intelligence reporting around file types and volumes, file size, embedded objects and feature counts, masquerading file counts

Use cases

Application development

HTTP uploads and downloads

File gateways

Document management systems


How it works

Glasswall SDK

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SDK Integration

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