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Watch our CDR platform instantly clean and rebuild one of your files. Simply upload your own file (or drag and drop a sample file from below) to get started.

Watch our CDR platform instantly clean and rebuild one of your files. Simply upload your own file to get started.

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Risky Content Cleaned

Objects and structures rebuilt

CDR is protection that
doesn’t wait for detection

Now you can secure documents throughout your organization without sacrificing productivity. Our CDR technology instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match their known good manufacturer’s standard – automatically removing potential threats.

Designed for risky business files

Glasswall CDR supports 96.4% of the most common business files. We secure file types that pose the highest risk to your organization.

Reduce risk. Ramp up productivity

Secure every file

Proactively remove risk and anomolies so every file is safe and usable.

Avoid delays

No more blocked documents – secure files without users batting an eyelid.

Deploy with delight

Implement in hours (not months) without the headaches and hidden costs

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What our clients say

“Glasswall takes file-based attacks off the table, freeing me to focus on other threats.”

“Since using Glasswall, I’ve had zero file-based malware and my users don’t even know it’s there.”

“Glasswall is incredibly easy to deploy and use. When I need them, their customer support is first class.”

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