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Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools

Cyber Threat Intelligence Monitoring Tools

Glasswall not only stops document based attacks, it allows users to gain unique insight into those cyber security attacks. Glasswall Threat Intelligence tools produce a totally unique report on how documents are being used in order to target people in your organisation via malware or zero day exploits. Glasswall Threat Intelligence is specific to your company, timely and uniquely highlights the growth of malware and zero day attacks through the structural manipulation of your documents, files and email attachments.

Advantages of our Threat Intelligence Monitoring Software

  • Deploy Glasswall to ensure your defences can see and stop malware and zero day attacks that rely on the structural manipulation of documents, files and attachments you receive and upload
  • Hackers are now deploying structurally based document attacks that anti-virus, signature-based defences simply cannot detect and stop
  • Glasswall Threat Intelligence software is an absolutely unique contributor to your threat monitoring strategy
Threat Intelligence Tools