File Uploads & Downloads

Give users the freedom to download files from the internet without putting your organization at risk. Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) enables you to instantly secure files that employees upload to or download from the web.

Reduce risk of file-based threats

Instantly remove threats from files being uploaded and downloaded in your organization. When an employee begins to download a file to their desktop, Glasswall CDR steps in to inspect, clean and rebuild the file – automatically removing potential threats and delivering a secure, visually-identical file. It happens in real time, so users won’t even notice Glasswall is there. All you need is a network appliance like an Application Delivery Controller (ACD) or other Proxy Server that supports the standard Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP).

Glasswall also secures files being sent to your organization. The Glasswall SDK can be integrated as a web service to clean and rebuild any file uploaded to a website or web app. And the Glasswall Web App with a reference UI implementation can perform CDR on files, displaying results to the user or silently making every file safe for downstream processing.

Trust every file

Remove threats from all files being uploaded and downloaded into your organization

No more system crashes from malformed files – Glasswall CDR cleans and rebuilds files to their manufacturer’s standard specification

Give users the freedom to use the internet without being slowed down by less-effective detection-based solutions

Key features

  • Integration to network appliances that support industry standard ICAP
  • Rapid integration into the web development process with code patterns and OpenAPI compliant endpoint contract

CDR is protection that
doesn’t wait for detection

Glasswall CDR technology instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match their known good manufacturer’s specification – automatically removing potential threats. This simple approach ensures every file in your organization is safe, without sacrificing productivity.

Want to give CDR a whirl? 

Upload a file and we’ll clean and rebuild it in a tick.

Experience the power of Glasswall CDR for yourself.

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