Secure Email

Protect your organization from the most stubbornly popular attack vector. With Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), users receive secure emails at the speed of business.

Remove risk in real time

Email continues to be an effective channel for attackers seeking to breach an organization. Antivirus solutions can’t detect new viruses as quickly as businesses need them to. Sandboxing and detonation chambers offer a bit more protection, but slow your users down.

It’s time for a better way.

Keep business moving with Glasswall CDR, so employees receive safe emails without delay. It inspects, cleans and rebuilds email file attachments to their known good state in real-time–proactively protecting your organization against the most complex and persistent threats. Glasswall removes risk in an instant (users won’t even notice it’s there).

Proactively remove threats from every email

Proactively remove threats from every email without delay or waiting for a ‘Patient Zero’ (i.e. how AV identifies threats)
Every email attachment that comes through – even fake emails from the CEO – is cleaned and rebuilt so it’s completely secure

Analyze and disable links within the body of an email by policy to limit the risk of phishing email attacks

Key features

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure with no additional on-premises resources required
  • Seamless integration with all major platforms, including O365, Microsoft Exchange and G-Suite
  • Keep the formats and features you need with configurable policy for active content and file types
  • Easily manage risk for your organization with a secure web portal and flexible policy management
  • Supports all key business file formats, including Binary Office, XML Office, PDF, PNG, JPEG and GIF files. (Unsupported file types are controlled by policy)
  • Sub-second file processing – files are regenerated in milliseconds
  • All data is encrypted and you have complete control of data retention period for up to 90 days

CDR is protection that
doesn’t wait for detection

Glasswall CDR technology instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match their known good manufacturer’s specification – automatically removing potential threats. This simple approach ensures every file in your organization is safe, without sacrificing productivity.

Want to give CDR a whirl? 

Upload a file and we’ll clean and rebuild it in a tick.

Experience the power of Glasswall CDR for yourself.

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