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A new, unique and highly innovative capability

Glasswall sets the global industry standard for electronic file validation and document integrity, security and assurance. Glasswall eliminates email-borne threats before they turn into cyber breaches.

The Glasswall capability is globally unique, highly innovative and provides absolute protection against document-borne malware.

Glasswall’s patented core software engine integrates easily into any environment, meaning organisations can have complete confidence within hours that only “known good” will enter or leave their business environment within documents. Glasswall breaks down documents and files to their component parts before regenerating a new file that complies entirely with the manufacturer’s original standards. Any attempt made by an attacker to manipulate the structure or content of that document will be identified, remediated or removed.

Proactive Protection

Glasswall fixes non-conforming deviations in real-time to eliminate threats from document borne malware or structural manipulations of the document.

Policy Management

Glasswall gives you control over every file by applying granular level policy management in accordance to your business risk appetite.

Threat Intelligence

Glasswall not only stops document based attacks, it allows users to gain unique insight into those attacks and see how documents are being used to target people in your organisation.

Work with safe documents

Work with Glasswall


zero day attacks

documents are the weapon of choice for cyber criminals

74% of cyber-attacks start with an email attachment, yet organisations do not know what is in their documents. Glasswall shifts an organisation from reactive to proactive defence.



zero day attack prevention

Glasswall eliminates malware attacks in email attachments

Glasswall is a unique software technology that regenerates a benign file from an original email attachment, and removes all malware and structural manipulations in real time.



File Integrity API

Deep-level inspection and regeneration to known good

The complete regeneration of a file, so that it is compliant with the design specification for that document type, ensures absolute protection from embedded malware and malicious code.