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Email remains the threat vector of choice for cyber criminals

Traditional Anti Virus technologies are proving insufficient to protect businesses from email based hacking, phishing and ransom-ware attacks. Millions of successful attacks were recorded in 2016. Using attachments to emails is the most likely method that hackers will use, precisely because they evade email security solutions that rely on seeing and knowing attack signatures in advance.

Glasswall is different.

Glasswall does not rely on knowing attack signatures. Glasswall provides absolute protection from document based malware by applying a new, unique and real-time 3 stage capability.


Inspection of the document at byte level and comparison to the design specification for that document type.


Sanitisation of the document through the removal or remediation of all non compliant aspects.


Regeneration of an entirely safe version of the document which can be edited, saved and shared as normal.

Work with safe documents

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zero day attacks

documents are the weapon of choice for cyber criminals

74% of cyber-attacks start with an email attachment, yet organisations do not know what is in their documents. Glasswall shifts an organisation from reactive to proactive defence.



zero day attack prevention

Glasswall eliminates malware attacks in email attachments

Glasswall is a unique software technology that regenerates a benign file from an original email attachment, and removes all malware and structural manipulations in real time.



File Integrity API

Deep-level inspection and regeneration to known good

The complete regeneration of a file, so that it is compliant with the design specification for that document type, ensures absolute protection from embedded malware and malicious code.