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When your traditional anti-virus security fails

Glasswall integrates with your current security as the last line of defence

Weaponised zero-day attack files embedded with malware, malicious code and hidden scripts are used to evade traditional security defences and masquerade as legitimate documents. Users will likely open them and compromise their systems and your security. Working as the last line of defence in your security system Glasswall’s zero-day attack prevention software delivers deep file inspection, remediation and sanitisation solutions that ensure real-time protection from unknown, file-borne threats and exploits to organisations worldwide. Glasswall protects files such as PDF, Word, Excel and image files in milliseconds. This is done without relying on detection signatures, absolutely disarming and regenerating clean, standard-compliant files whilst preserving their full usability.


zero day attacks

documents are the weapon of choice for cyber criminals

74% of cyber-attacks start with an email attachment, yet organisations do not know what is in their documents. Traditional Anti Virus technologies are proving insufficient to protect businesses from email based hacking, phishing, ransom-ware and zero-day attacks.



zero day attack prevention

Glasswall eliminates malware attacks in email attachments

Glasswall is a unique technology that works with your existing email platform regenerating a safe file from an original email attachment, eliminating even zero-day attacks in real time and removing all malware and structural manipulations meaning that zero-day exploits are prevented.



File Integrity API

Deep-level inspection and regeneration to known good

Glasswall fixes non-conforming deviations in real-time to eliminate zero-day exploits from document borne malware or structural manipulations of the document. Files undergo complete regeneration to ensure design specification compliancy for that document type, ensuring absolute protection.