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Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email is deployed globally by large enterprises, financial institutions and government agencies. Our security software solution protects these organisations against the most Advanced Persistent Threats, safeguarding their organisation and data.

Find out why Glasswall has become an integral and critical element of their security architecture:


Trusted By Clients Across the World

Our global clients use our patented, and award-winning file regeneration technology to plug the gaps left by traditional detection-based solutions. They have absolute confidence that their organisation, data and inbound email attachments are free from malicious code, including ransomware, malware and unknown exploits.

Unparalleled Protection from Unknown Threats

Every day weaponised email attachments, documents and files embedded with malware, malicious code and hidden scripts are used to evade traditional email security defences and detection-based technologies by masquerading as legitimate documents and email attachments.

Employees and users will likely open them and immediately compromise email and operating systems, significantly impacting an organisation’s security and the security of its data.

Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email is available as a Managed Service or self-hosted deployment. It is simple to install and manage and works in parallel with any existing security infrastructure and architecture. Neutralising the most advanced, persistent threats, it is the last and most important line of defence in an email security system.

Beyond Content Disarm & Reconstruction Technology

Many cyber security organisations talk about their Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology and CDR software solutions. However, tested and validated by the world’s leading security organisations, no other product in the cyber security market can match the protection that Glasswall delivers against advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Our file regeneration technology features d-FIRSTTM, a unique patent-protected methodology of deep file inspection, remediation and sanitisation technology, eclipsing any other file reconstruction product on market. Our clients benefit from market leading, real-time protection from unknown, file-borne threats and malware exploits and their users don’t even know Glasswall is there.

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Clean and Trusted Documents in Milliseconds

Glasswall FileTrust™ protects a wide range of business files including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and image files in milliseconds. This is done without relying on detection signatures, disarming and regenerating clean, standard-compliant files and documents using the most advanced file regeneration technology on the market. In less than a second, files and documents are passed to users in their original file format, ensuring zero disruption to business continuity.


documents are the weapon of choice for bad actors

66% of advanced malware is launched by opening an email attachment, but traditional threat detection-based technologies offer limited protection from email-based hacking, phishing, ransom-ware and unknown viruses.


Glasswall FileTrust™ for Email eliminates malware attacks in attachments

Glasswall FileTrust™ for Email is a unique file regeneration technology that works with your existing email platform, regenerating a safe file from an original email attachment, eliminating the most Advanced Persistent Threats in real time, removing all malware and structural manipulations meaning that even the most sophisticated exploits are prevented.


Deep-file inspection and regeneration to known good

Glasswall corrects non-conforming deviations in real-time to eliminate exploits from document-borne malware or structural manipulations of the document. Through it's patented d-FIRST™ process, files undergo complete regeneration to ensure design specification compliancy for each document type, ensuring absolute protection.

Implement the Most Advanced File Protection Solution Available: Complimentary Risk Assessment

On a limited basis, Glasswall is offering companies a complimentary 30-day Risk Assessment to demonstrate where current threat detection technologies fail and to highlight areas of risk. The Risk Assessment includes trial of the award-winnding Glasswall FileTrust™ for Email security solution and includes key staff training and culminates in the presentation of a comprehensive Glasswall FileTrust™ Threat Intelligence report.

Hosted on Glasswall’s secure private Azure Cloud or installed into organisation’s existing security infrastructure, the Risk Assessment can be set up in less than 30 minutes with hour long training and check-in session scheduled every two weeks. 

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