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Unparalleled Protection

From File-Based Malware In Less Than A Second

Glasswall FileTrustTM for Email is a multi award-winning, patented email security software. In less than a second, it neutralises the most Advanced Persistent Threats and malware without users ever knowing it’s there. Attacks that other detection-based products in your security stack will miss. Attacks that cost businesses, governments and federal institutions millions every year.

Available as a Managed Service or easily installed on any Windows-based server or private cloud and working seamlessly with others products in your security infrastructure, Glasswall should be a critical and integral part of your organisation’s infrastructure, ensuring that all incoming and outgoing email attachments and documents are free from any malicious code including unknown exploits, ransomware and malware, all in real time.

Taking protection from Advance Persistent Threats to a level unmatched by any other technology, Glasswall’s uniquely effective solution has been implemented globally across multiple high profile enterprises, governmental and federal institutions and financial giants.

With flexible, user-based pricing, feel free to ask us a question, request more information or apply for complimentary Risk Assessment. It could be the best decision your business will ever make.

Glasswall FileTrust™ for Email

Using email as the primary delivery vehicle, bad actors actively target businesses using techniques that existing detection-based products cannot identify or stop. Glasswall easily integrates into any security architecture, eliminating this threat and ensuring your business continues to run securely day in, day out. And users won't even know its there.


Glasswall FileTrust™ SDK's

Glasswall FileTrust™ SDKs feature an API that easily integrates into your existing applications and processes. They provides your business with absolute confidence that historical, current and future documents and files are safe, compliant and free from malware and that your business is fully protected, whether documents are at rest or are being reorganised, migrated or uploaded via a web portal.


Government Solutions

Already in use by governmental and federal organisations on both sides of the Atlantic, Glasswall delivers its unique security software as a Linux variant for direct integration as a component part into High Assurance Guards, Unidirectional Networks/Data Diodes and complete Cross Domain Security (CDS) Solutions.


Understand the critical issues and threats facing your organisation and how the Glasswall FileTrustTM suite of products meets those challenges.

Email Security Resources

For too long, our adversaries in cyberspace have been running circles around U.S. and allied government defenses.


Legal firms in the United States are being targeted by hackers using millions of new malware variants hidden inside email attachments on a daily basis.


Glasswall Technology

See how Glasswall integrates with your current security stack as the last line of defence from Advanced Persistent Threats

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