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Zero Day Protection Available

Glasswall’s multi award winning, patented email security software stops zero day attacks and malware dead in their tracks.  Attacks that your existing anti-virus software will miss. Attacks that cost businesses, governments and federal institutions millions every year.

Easily installed on any Windows based server, and working in parallel with your anti-virus software, Glasswall becomes a critical and integral part of your organisation’s security infrastructure, guaranteeing that all incoming and outgoing email attachments and documents are free from any malicious code including zero day exploits, ransomware and malware, all in real time.

Taking content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology to the next level (a level that no other software solution in the market is able to match) has resulted in Glasswall’s unique software solution being implemented globally across multiple high profile enterprises, governmental and federal institutions and financial giants.

With pricing is as low as the cost of a coffee per user/seat per month ask us a question, request more information or apply for a free trial – it could be the best decision your business will ever make.

Email Attachment Security

Hackers and cyber criminals are actively targeting businesses using techniques that your existing anti-virus software will not be able to identify or stop: Emailed Documents. Glasswall easily integrates into your email security architecture and guarantees to eliminate this threat, ensuring your business continues to run securely day in, day out.


Glasswall Security API

Glasswall's security API easily integrates into your existing applications and processes. It provides your business with absolute confidence that historical, current and future documents and files are safe, compliant and malware free and that your business is fully protected. Whether documents are at rest, being reorganised, migrated or uploaded via a web portal.


Government Solutions

Already in use by governmental and federal organisations on both sides of the Atlantic, Glasswall delivers its unique security software as a Linux variant for direct integration as a component part into High Assurance Guards, Unidirectional Networks/Data Diodes and complete Cross Domain Security (CDS) Solutions.


Email Security Resources

Understand the critical issues and threats facing your organisation and the security solutions that Glasswall delivers.

With global giants like Uber and Equifax succumbing to hackers in 2017, and ever more advanced ransomware, malware and zero day attacks occurring daily, what does your business need to be prepared for in 2018?

Download our guide to find out.


A Glasswall Whitepaper from John Holly, former Chairman of Britain’s Atomic Weapons Establishment, examining the growing threats to Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) from a diverse range of sources including the Internet of Things (IoT), zero day exploits and attacks, ransomware, smart devices, social engineering and email attachments. Download the free Whitepaper to understand the cyber threats to CNI.


Our survey of businesses in the UK and the USA revealed that only 30% of office workers believed their employer had been hit by cyber-attacks, however UK government research showed that two-thirds of major UK businesses had been hit in the previous 12 months and the US Department of Justice announced that ransomware attacks alone quadrupled to 4,000 per day between 2015 and 2016. Your employees are the weakest link in your IT security architecture, find out why.

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Glasswall Technology

See how Glasswall integrates with your current security solutions as the last line of defence.

In The News

Read Analysis and Commentary in the Media from Glasswall’s Cyber Security Specialists.

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