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When you partner with Glasswall, you get a lot more than just the best CDR technology out there. You get easy integrations, willing collaboration and an ego-free team committed to making your solution as brilliant as can be. Because at the end of the day, our partners’ success is everything to us.

“Partners play a meaningful role in our company’s future – their success is our success. That’s why our relationships are built on trust, loyalty and easy collaboration.

Danny Lopez, CEO

4 reasons to partner with Glasswall


Tap into a rapidly growing market opportunity with CDR technology


Broaden your security portfolio or service


Stand out with a fresh, proactive approach to cybersecurity


Increase recurring revenue streams with the most agile CDR platform on the market – built for interoperability

Technology Partners

Built on an open, scalable platform, Glasswall CDR technology is easy to integrate or embed with technology partners, bringing enhanced value to our joint customers.

Strategic Alliances

We bring a differentiated solution or service to market through our commitment to building strong strategic alliances.

Channel Partners

Joint success is our motto in channel partnerships, whether that’s market growth or increased revenue streams.

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Cloud Native Integrations

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